What Is Love 188: Kerry
New Orleans Loving Festival, Bone Marrow Donor Drive, St. Roch Community Church, NOLA USA
Quadriptych Digital Image 2015-2017

That word is one that I’ve given a lot of thought to, especially in recent years, and love is something that is very unconditional. One term that would be used would be agape. It’s unselfish. It’s caring. It’s passionate. It’s thoughtful. It’s considerate. It’s so many words and you say only a few words so it’s very difficult to explain love in only one word. When you think of life, and you think of… you think back on the life that you’ve lived to the point that you are, or the stage that you are in your life and you think about the experiences of what you thought was love then and what you realize is true love now.

Friendship has to play a big part in that. Whatever that, whomever that connection is with, I think that you do and you would have after realizing true love or love that you, connection that you, had developed into a friendship and I think it doesn’t really matter the person, in other words it could be a relative, it could be just a friend, someone you grew up with. Love can be or love is having a connection with a person and not having seen them for years and you call them and they’re there. And that’s why I tie friendship with that connection to love because it’s like growing up and having someone that you’ve spent half your life with and you lose that person, then you go out to reconnect with someone and developing a friendship and you, through the course of that journey, realize that there’s not many people that are really your friend and so as a result of not having many people that are really your friends you really can’t say when the person throws out that word in a casual way, love, that it is love because it truly is connected to certain elements of life and I think it’s also a spiritual thing because in a relationship it is very important to have a spiritual connection for those two individual to melt together, if I could use that word. If you don’t have that connection, if you don’t really know that person so well that they don’t have to say anything because you have such a connection, a spiritual connection with them, that you already know what’s on their mind, you already know what their reaction might be to something you might say. A connection that is part friendship, part partnership, part thoughtfulness and a lot of compassion and true passion for understanding what life is really worth because if you don’t think that life is worth loving someone I think in the end you’ll realize that you were never really a happy person and if you can live throughout the rest of your life and look back and say that you were very happy and part of that happiness, or a big part of that happiness, was the connection you had with that one person that obviously will come out whoever that person is, and it all goes and comes down to love.

I’m not the person to sit here and talk about those things, because I can talk about a lot of things, and, some things I say may not be understood but again, I think that you know, as I think back on my life, think back on several of the experiences I have had, even some of the mistakes I have made, some of the choices that I’ve made, I really believe that it truly does really come down to a connection. A connection that obviously involves someone else. A connection that grows into love. And growing into love there’s a connection between a husband and a wife, it’s a friendship, a friendship that lasts for a lifetime and beyond, because even after that person is gone, they’re still with you and that’s part of the connection I spoke of this spiritual connection. Something so deep, it’s real, it’s as real as it gets and I think that’s why in the case of such a deep connection, such a serious and a real friendship and a true love for eachother I think that’s why when you miss or you loose that loved one it’s very difficult to adjust because you realize what I’m saying and what I’m saying is you have to truly know that person that’s say’s they love you, that person that you have connected with.

You have to know yourself better and accept the truth about yourself, because if you won’t accept the truth about yourself then this whole search for love and a connection to something else, maybe connecting to other things, you won’t be able to receive others, because you may always have fault with others, when in fact it may be you mainly because you’ve never accepted yourself, and your frailties and your shortcomings, and all those things about you that if you took the time to really share those things with someone else, getting to know you, getting to know me, whoever those two individuals may be then you don’t really know that person because if that person is not willing to share everything about themselves with you then they really and truly don’t love you and they really and truly are saying that they are your friend but they really are not your friend.