What Is Love 160: Elizabeth
The Farm, Summertown TN USA
Quadriptych Digital Image 2015-2017

Scientifically, that thing which holds all the atoms together it’s heart and soul and mind and everything that makes a difference. It’s what keeps, it’s what, it’s on the continuum, hate and love are like the same coin, but hate is destructive and love is productive and love makes the world go round. Love is what keeps us sane, the idea of mad love is fun, but it has other things mixed with it, pure love is not anything that you should fool with, It’s very dangerous to mess with love.

It’s, um, when the religious person says “heresy” that word, when you look at the depth of it is a terrible word, it’s like taking the name of love in vain, it’s destructive and careless, and that’s what’s happening to the world now, because people have forgotten how important it is to take care of ourselves and our world. The worship of power and wealth will trample all over love and it has to be met with love. Because when you realize that non-violence is the most effective way to greet that kind of thing, the only revolutions that have ever been successful have been non-violent and driven by love.

If you look at the American revolution, the reason that it’s a failure right now is because it comes out of greed and desire for power and it’s gone into empire and to fascism and the only way we can back to the high ideals that we said we belong to is through loving and resisting with non-violence not to return to violence. I think about love a lot and I think of the conventional feeling of love, and that’s there and that’s important, loving eachother, and loving our families and loving ourselves, that’s all important but the thing is that we have to realize that we have to love everybody and that means the people that we don’t know and the world and if there are other worlds we have to love them too.  

It’s huge, I mean we are all part of this universe which is incredible, I mean the more we see of it the more we realize how important it is that we take care of what we’ve got here. I like Carl Segan saying that we’re “all made of stardust”. When he said that, and that I think, you know, when he said that, and I heard it back then when he said it, it really flashed because it’s really true. 

The whole universe is contained in an atom in our bodies and maybe a universe is contained in an atom in our bodies, how do we know? I really like quantum theory. The first time I heard about the chaos theory it really made sense to me. Now I am not a mathematician but the intuitive thing, when I was little my mother would put me on the kitchen floor with pots and pans and water and I still remember pouring the water back and forth in the sunlight watching the patterns and fascinated by the different patterns because they were never the same and yet they had a pattern and I’ve been studying patterns ever since. Chaos theory explained a lot of the things I was thinking in my baby head because it made since that there was an order in the randomness and I really like the idea of synchronicity because that explains a lot of clairvoyance and clairaudience people being able to see ahead of back of time to me is not s a static thing I mean I love the theory of relativity but we’ve gone way beyond that. I think that everything that we can think is contained in the hope, we really need to communicate more and we need to really talk about things that we have differences about because we’ve got all the answers and if we really talk to eachother and don’t compete with whose got the best idea, we’re going to find the answers to the problems that we have, but until we do that we’re going to keep making messes.

I like the idea, once when I saw Bush and those guys they’re gonna go blow up Afghanistan it’s so typical male, you know, you drop a bottle of ketchup on the floor and it breaks, what do guys do, they get in the middle and smear it all over the place. I said a woman looks at that and she starts to gather it all together, and picks it up in a bunch and contains it, and that’s how you solve things, you don’t just get in and make it worse. Code pink. How that got developed is it was when they were doing all the fear codes, code yellow watch out, code red, go bury your head in the sand, and so we thought, well we’re going to be code pink, because pink is a very harmless, you know, it’s what they give to “sissies” and we would never wear that as feminists and of course in the hospital code pink means a child has been stolen or is in danger and I thought “Oh that’s so apt” and so we have chapters of code pink and the only thing that you have to do to be a member of code pink is to not be afraid to wear pink, have a sense of humour and be really brave.