Personal death is a topic often avoided in social settings. As a way to address this, through social practice methodologies, Fama created Death Conversation Game to facilitate collective, communally navigated, conversations on death. Originally intending to use it is a one-of tool, in settings within the arts community, the response has been so broad that she has made the game available for others to have as a tool in facilitating thier own conversations. Fama has intentionally kept the printing runs small, and the price at cost, in order for the deck to be able to reach as many interested hands as possible.

The object of Death Conversation Game is to instigate open conversations on death in safe, respectful environments of chosen friends, family, classmates, students, clients, colleagues, and/or strangers. Additionally aiming to challenge some of the silencing beliefs traditionally held around investigating ideas of death while living, the depth and breadth of the conversation depends on those playing the game. Whether it’s death related theology, ideology, metaphysics, bookish details, relationship considerations, bereavement, and/or a number of other subjects, Death Conversation Game assists
with exploring any of those ideas further.